Organic agricultural products right to your table!

What we are offering

EF-COOP BOD offers cassava products and services to businesses, cooperatives, associations and fallow fertile land acquisition for agribusiness to national and international partners. Your collaboration with us will help thousands of smallholder farmers out of poverty, by securing a stable and profitable market for their produce. It will also support the training of members in agricultural services and advance the financial inclusion of these members in the agricultural sector. In addition, youths will be provided with training in agribusiness and entrepreneurship that will decrease migration and unemployment.

Have you ever imagined what it feels like to be financially independent as a result of having a steady income from products sold on the global market? This is what your collaboration with us will do for the smallholder farmers in Cameroon and in particular women. When you help a group of farmers to scale up their production with training, equipment, seeds, or finance, it not only helps farmers to be self-reliant but also empowers them to start a new life. Partnering with us will enable your organization to do two things, co-operate social responsibility for your customers and Cameroon farmers which is a win-win situation.

Each year, the Co-operative may return part of their profits back to members based on how well the business performs. Some of this returned as equity, which is like a savings account over time. Our Co-operative is built to support world food insecurity and meet the needs of our members.