PCP-ACEFA is a programme for the consolidation and sustainability of Agro-pastoral counseling and funding of Cooperatives which is organized and controlled by the Cameroon Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MINADER), Ministry of Livestock and Animal Industries (MINEPIA) and the French Development Agency (AFD). PCP-ACEFA provides financial and technical support in the form of subsidies to Cooperatives in order to improve their economic and social performances. Grants are related to productive investment projects aimed at developing crop and animal production and related activities such as input supply, storage, preservation, processing and marketing.

On the 04/02/2021, EGBEKAW FARMERS’ COOPERATIVE has signed a performance contract with PCP-ACEFA for the financing of a tractor 90 hp, 4WD, carriage of 10 tons, ploughing hoe (ridger), solar pump and solar panel. The tractor is for the mechanization of our farming activities and the solar pump is for irrigation of our farms. This ACEFA funding will be completed in December 2022.  Website of PCP-ACEFA www.acefa.cm