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The rationale behind the registration of EGBEKAW FARMERS’ COOPERATIVE is to fight against poverty, to reduce hunger, to increase on the income of the members, to gain access to bigger and lucrative markets, create employment, to reduce on diet-related diseases, to improve on the social security of our members and employees, to reduce on greenhouse gas emission and to provide food security within Manyu Division and Cameroon.

Our Cooperative is involved in the cultivation of cassava, melon, carrots, maize, groundnuts, hot peppers, yams and plantain. We started with ten hectares of farm in 2019/2020 farming season and we have cultivated 100 hectares of cassava in a group farm that will produce 2,500 tons of cassava and also collect cassava of over 3,250 tons from our members and non members in 2023/2024. We project a turnover of 5 750 tons of cassava harvested, collected and processed in 2023/2024.

We deliver high quality garri, flour, bobolo and water fufu to our customers on a consistent basis at an affordable price. Our garri, flour and water fufu is produced on a strict quality control procedure as outlined by the Agri-Food Technical Center in Akwa, Douala. ( All our processes are adhered to strict safety control and due respect for child labor law. Our members, employees and visitors are given advice on safety measures within the farms and at the cassava processing plants. They are informed about the dangers within their environment and how they can mitigate the occurrence of these dangers. Our members are advised not to let their children or hire children below 18 years to work on their farms.

We presently owned a small local cassava processing mill that produces two tons of garri per day. We have put plans in place that will help us launch a medium-size cassava processing plant within one year (estimated lunch date is May 2023). We want to compete with the best in the garri, flour and water fufu industry, that is why we have secured 150 hectares farm land and acquired some of the basic farming equipment and machines, we have hired some key employees that will fit into the ideal picture of the 21st century commercial cassava farm workforce that we want to build. Medium size processing plants have always had problems with finding adequate supply of cassava roots that is why we decided to invest in a group farm that will ensure consistency in the supply of cassava roots into the plant. We also collect cassava roots from smallholders to ensure consistency in the supply of cassava roots to the processing plant.

We are in the commercial cassava farming business because we want to leverage on the vast opportunities available in the commercial cassava farming industry to contribute our quota in growing the economy of Cameroon, in national food production, raw materials production for industries, to export garri and flour produces from Egbekaw to other towns in Cameroon and over and above to make profit.

We have hired the best quality control employee that is practicing quality control processes in the manufacture of our garri, flour and water fufu as required by the Agri-Food Technical Center, Akwa Douala in Cameroon.


Customers about our cooperative

“We’ve been working with Egbekaw Farmers’ Co-operative for a few years now! Their veggies, fruits, garri, flour, hot pepper, tomatoes, potatoes, cassava roots and mushrooms we received each week in our restaurants are preciously delicious and very affordable. They’ve the ability to understand our needs and are able to meet these needs on a timely basis with zero errors. Keep doing what you’re doing!”

Betty Bright Etta,

Betty Bright Etta,

“This Co-operative has exceeded my expectations with their attention to detail and the outstanding quality! Great selection of fruits, vegetables, and other organic products. It’s a fantastic organization with great customer support from the beginning to the end of the process. Staff is super friendly and very attentive.” I would recommend them unreservedly!

Elizabeth Truss

Elizabeth Truss

“Egbekaw Farmers’ Co-operative employees have no difficulties in building rapport with everyone seeking services from them”. There’re good at obtaining first-hand customer information on how to get natural organic fresh food in house and locally at affordable prices. They focus effectively and efficiently on customer needs. Great job! Keep on with your quality control procedures!

Tennyson Eyong

Tennyson Eyong